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A rivet is a mechanical fastener consisting of a smooth, cylindrical shaft with a head.

Snap head rivets are widely used in various industries like manufacturing and construction. Snap head rivets have applications where you need a permanent joint. It is a two piece rivet that can be used to join two or more materials of different thicknesses. JS Rivet has gained expertise in manufacturing snap head rivets apart from other types of rivets, and these rivets are greatly preferred because it is easy to use, fine quality, corrosion resistance and light weight.

  • Hot Forget Rivet 
  • Cold FoRged Rivet

Flat head rivet is in the form of a solid cylindrical rod, provided at one of its ends with a “head” which is round 

RIVETS are manufactured in a wide variety of material LOW CARBON STEEL 4.6,4.8,5.6,6.8, 8.8

Rivets are manufactured in metric sizes ranging from diameter 6mm to 25mm and lengths of between 6 mm up to 100 mm as standard. Non-standard dimensions are also available on request